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In this divers and complex era, one should stick to his “principle”, to be self-disciplined, inclusive, practical, and universal love as well. Adhering to the philosophy of “sincerity, cooperation, win-win situation”, our company devotes itself to providing professional services to customers. We expect to obtain the trust of customers with our high-quality services, and pursuit the harmonious development of society, customers, staff and all parties.

Company Brief

Beijing Luan Century Culture Development Co.,Ltd., founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, specialized in TV channels sales, cable TV equipment sales, and TV system design, implementation and maintenance. Over the past decade, we provided professional services mentioned above to the top hotels at home and overseas, so that we obtained a lot hotel customers. 


Company Organization

There are nearly 60 people in our company. We set Sales Department, North China Area, South China Area, East China Area, Southwest Area, Technology Department, Finance Department, Marketing Department, Human Administration Department and General Manager's Office.



Development Process

In 2003, our company acted as the agency of CETV, Phoenix satellite TV, TVB8, Star satellite TV, Horizon Satellite TV and other overseas TV to promote them to cable TV network in mainland, hotels and restaurants.
In 2005, we began to promote mainland TV stations to cable TV network in mainland, hotels and restaurants.
In 2007, we tried to promote mainland TV stations to overseas cable TV network, hotels and restaurants.
In 2008, we finally took the overseas market and realized 12 mainland TV stations’ promotion to overseas.
In 2013, company finished integration; we expanded our business scope, including program sales, equipment sales, system design, implementation and maintenance.

Company’s Philosophy

Sincerity:Constantly improve ourselves and the core competitiveness, continue to provide professional services.
Cooperation:From disorderly to orderly, from chaos to harmony, cooperate to realize long-term development in respectively.
Win-win: Always consider the others’ feeling, work together, make mutually benefit and reach the win-win situation!